How Long Does a Home Inspection Take in California?

It usually takes two to three hours for a thorough home inspection in California. Learn more about what factors affect this time frame.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take in California?

It usually takes two to three hours to perform a thorough inspection of a 2,000-square-foot home. These times will vary depending on the experience of the home inspector and whether there are one or more of them touring your home. The inspection and disclosure process is a critical part of any escrow. The California purchase contract specifically allows the buyer to thoroughly inspect any property they intend to purchase.

The state of California also issues specific mandatory declarations for the seller, and these are usually delivered within the inspection period. The standard inspection deadline under the California contract is 17 days. The inspection period is routinely extended to 21 days in and around Arnold, to accommodate some of the unique inspections that may be necessary in a mountainous area. Sean Garvey, executive director of Dwell Inspect's home inspection services in Arizona, says their process is focused on reviewing major health, safety and livability issues, and that they have a full team to address homes that may require a deeper inspection.

A professional realtor can help you schedule your home inspection, give you options to find a good inspector, accompany you during the inspection, and guide you through the full report. The inspection time for each item varies and is often largely dependent on the maintenance of the house. Every home inspector works differently, and it's worth looking for someone to go the extra mile to examine the basics. While inspections don't usually take less than two hours, it's not uncommon for larger properties to take more than 5 hours to be properly inspected.

However, inspecting your future home is one of your main safety measures to ensure everything is OK before you commit. He adds that some buyers hire an independent pool inspector or hire an expert in air conditioning or roofing if the initial inspection of the home indicates that there are problems. Termite and pest inspections should be a top priority for homeowners who are stealing property in Southern California. If a home has not been maintained during the aging process, this will affect the length of the inspection.

Recently, a home inspector stated that many of the seals on the house's double-glazed windows were damaged. In serious cases, the results of the home inspection may force you to withdraw your offer (this is an option if you include it as a contingency in the purchase agreement). If a home inspector detects a serious case, they can document it in their report, but mold is often a specialized problem that requires its own inspection. Kamoei says it does offer its buyers the option to attend the inspection, with an average of 50 to 50 times the frequency with which they actually attend.

Mold inspectors and mold removal companies will know what areas to focus on and will use specialized equipment to detect and remove mold safely. Keeping inspection activity up and running and being productive is important for maintaining customer relationships, but never rush to perform an inspection.