Living In Fort Lauderdale

Living In Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has created the image as a spring-break destination, thanks to the 60’s movie “Where the Boys Are”. It is also known as “the Venice of America” because of its interconnected canals are often seen with yachts serving as the main transportation rather than cars.

Fort Lauderdale is the Mega Yacht Capital of the World.

The place has become so memorable for the spring-breakers in early years that some of them are coming back to settle in fort lauderdale luxury condos. Those who had been in this place during their college years 30 to 40 years ago have vivid memories of how great Fort Lauderdale is that they want to retire here. However, the place is no longer the same as it was before. It has become more urbanized and a lot of establishments and restaurants have been growing like mushrooms in every part of the city.

Many realtors agree that Fort Lauderdale is a more subtle version of Miami.

It almost has the same amenities as the Florida capital, but it is more laid back. It is both high end and at the same time simple, energetic but lazy, and a well-planned community yet a bit of a chaos because of the mix of cultures. People are coming here to work and have fun, but at the same time, they find the place peaceful and relaxing. These juxtapositions are very inviting to families, vacationists, and retirees.

The Atlantic Ocean, the Intracoastal and the 165 miles stretch of canals within the city is what makes Fort Lauderdale very popular not just in the U.S but around the world.

They are the reasons why the city is the destination of choice for many seasonal and full-time residents. Another reason is the convenience of working and living here.  The downtown district is the financial and entertainment center of the city. It houses many company building as well as arts center and museums, restaurants, and shopping centers that provide a cosmopolitan feel to the city.

The sun and sand experience in State Road A1A, where you can find the Fort Lauderdale Beach and Atlantic Boulevards, is just a few blocks away from the main neighborhood.  You can enjoy the beach almost every day because the city is getting a lot of sunshine most of the year. Another unique aspect of the lifestyle of the residents in this area is the main transportation which is by small yacht. Most parts of the city are accessible by foot, for other areas it can be easily reached through the canals using small boats.

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